Psyloger Guidelines and Rules


Please, add in email theme the word URGENT using caps

The time slots will be available to you after you have money on therapy deposit


  • You write an email with theme "Consultation request" with an issue description
  • You receive a list of questions
  • You answer questions
  • You may receive another list of questions
  • You receive OK to start therapy or the negation to start it
  • If you got OK, you send money for consultation
  • After money receive acknowledged, you receive a list of available time slots
  • You chose the time slot and it is booked for you
  • If you do not warn about absence, money is debited from the deposit
  • Consultation time takes money from deposit in time proportional to the time cost
  • If you didn't come at the agreed time for consultation without warning 1 day before, the money for this consultaion are spent as if you were present.